Why Hizumi?

This shrine has been up on and off for more than ten years now. I wanted to take the time to explain why Hizumi continues to be one of my favorite characters and why I have dedicated a shrine to him. When I first became interested in Hizumi it was before Spiral was ever translated. He interested me because unlike the majority of characters who attempted to maim or kill Ayumu during their first meeting Hizumi tried to be friends with him. Although I couldn't read the text that went with the scans, I was charmed by Hizumi's smile and I wanted to know more about him.

What actually encouraged me to create a shrine was Hizumi's actions in Vol. 13 of Spiral. During that volume Hizumi kills one of the most popular characters in the series Kanone Hibert. Many members of the small fanbase at that time were condemning Hizumi and writing hate about him. At that point he had become my favorite and I wanted other people to see how much I enjoyed him so that maybe they could enjoy and understand him too.

Hizumi remains one of my favorite characters because he rises from his lowest point to become a rather unconventional hero by saving a boy he had only known for a few months at the cost of his own life. Beyond that, even at his darkest hour Hizumi is able to put on a brave face to smile, joke, and laugh with those around him.