Combat Skills

Hizumi makes it clear that he doesn't want to kill anyone but at the age of ten he was told that he would inevitably become an inhuman monster who wanted to kill people and recreate the world in his image. Hizumi grows up to be a thoughtful and caring young man but that doesn't mean he won't go to extreme lengths, even killing if necessary.

Hizumi is a genius. He doesn't speak about it outwardly but he entered college at the age of thirteen and had completed his schooling by the time he was sixteen. He wrote papers on human cloning that warranted publishing and he search for years to find a way to save the children his older brother had cursed. Despite the fact that he is scary intelligent he is unable to see the forest through the trees. He can't see a way to defy fate until Ayumu shows him what is right before his eyes.

Along the way Hizumi learns that while words can wound you need physical weapons to those around you. While in college he attempts to take the life of Kiyotaka Narumi using a knife, and failing that he goes to extreme length to end his own life using one. Hizumi's knife skills are proficient but they aren't everything.

Hizumi is also skilled with a gun, at least in that he knows how to use one. Unlike The Blade Children who are taught at an early age to kill or die Hizumi's skills with a gun are mediocre at best. That doesn't mean they don't serve him. Hizumi kills a skilled marksman using a gun simply because the other doesn't bother to fight back. In fact, when faced with killing Ayumu after that incident he throws the gun in an effort to stop himself from fighting back.

If Hizumi actually wanted to start a fight his best weapon would probably his smile. Hizumi comes off as both innocent and charming. It totally disarms most of those around him and while he doesn't use it offensively it is his biggest line of defense. Hizumi puts on a brave face as if nothing could possibly be wrong. That being said, Hizumi breaks down to Ayumu and explains to him how he became suicidal in his efforts to defy fate. Being able to hide himself so successfully could serve him well if he ever chose to use it. It's just another trait he gained from his brother. The ability to be charming until those around him put their guard down and open themselves up to him.