Love and Hate

Hizumi describes himself as being alone. He feels he is a victim of an inescapable fate and his one wish is to not die alone. Perhaps it is because he is so lonesome that he is bubbly and outgoing. He wants to make friends before his life comes to an abrupt end.

Hizumi and Ayumu

Hizumi and Ayumu are somewhat kindred spirits. Both were forced into existence for a nefarious purpose and both are told that they have to follow the plan set out for them by Kiyotaka Narumi. This gives them an understanding of one another from the moment they meet. The difference is that the two of them is that while Ayumu takes it all in stride, Hizumi has reached the end of his rope. He is desperate for someone to save him from the dark and the feeling of being alone that he has and he believes Ayumu can do that.

Ayumu on the other hand is suspicious of Hizumi from the start. He knows that Hizumi was likely sent to sabotage him and while he acknowledges this is likely it doesn't stop him from being Hizumi's friend. When the two finally come to a head Ayumu is able to defy the fate written for him and convince Hizumi that maybe he can do the same.

Hizumi feels a love for Ayumu. It isn't necessarily romantic (in fact there is little to point to it being so) but he sees Ayumu and a kindred spirit and as his savior. He chooses to sacrifice himself to Ayumu and there is something special about that.

Hizumi and Hiyono

Hiyono Yuizaki is Ayumu's best friend and love interest. She is Ayumu's constant companion throughout the series and so when Hizumi comes to their school and instantly seems to make their duo a trio she is understandably concerned. Hizumi inserted himself into their lives at a time when they are understandably wary of strangers and in doing so made himself suspicious.

More than being suspicious though Hizumi is a brat. He has been alone for so long that when he meets Ayumu he tries to some extent to monopolize his attention. More than that he teases Hiyono in an effort to get a rise out of her and he's rather good at it. The two are not so much enemies as rivals.

Hizumi and Kiyotaka

Kiyotaka Narumi is Ayumu Narumi's older brother. He is considered to be a 'god'. He uses this power to lord himself over others and force them to do his bidding. When he first meets Hizumi, who at the time lives as a regular child, he immediately convinces his parents that he poses a threat to them. He forces Hizumi's parents to distance themselves from him in his first effort to force Hizumi into accepting his fate.

He continues to sabotage Hizumi throughout his early teens until Hizumi is forced to believe that he is unable to defy his fate and that he has to kill in order to get Ayumu on his side. Hizumi hates Kiyotaka for making him be someone he never wanted to be and the sacrifice he makes for Ayumu is his final act of defying the fate that Kiyotaka set out for him.