Leaving So Soon

The layout was created in Adobe Photoshop CS6 using an image from Vol. 12 that had been colored and then desaturated to provide different levels of saturation. The layout uses textures from Vanessax17 on Deviantart and screentones from Screentones on Deviantart. The layout is responsive and should work on most screen resolutions. I want to thank the shrine makers who taught me how to make sites like this back in 2003, Ayumi Nemoto and Evelyn. Even though you aren't still making shrines you taught me so much I'll never forget. Also thank you to Cuteplushie for scanning a lot of this series back before it was available online.

I'd also like to thank the wonderful members of Amassment who were kind enough to make some buttons for me. If you have a Spiral site or a site to a character from a series that doesn't get much love, let me know because I would be glad to affiliate with you.