Quite the Looker

Even among Spiral's colorful cast of characters Hizumi sticks out. Hizumi's mint green hair provides a sharp contrast to the natural browns, blacks, reds, and even occasional silvers that line the pages of the Spiral manga. His hair is in a constant state of disarray as Hizumi sports a perpetual bed head. Hizumi's vibrant gold eyes are slit in a way reminiscent of a cat's eye. This feature is a staple among the blade children and is inherited from Hizumi's "brother" Mizushiro Yaiba. Hizumi is of an average height and build for a growing boy. He's at a place where he hasn't quite hit his final growth spurt leaving him on the shorter end when compared to men only a few years older than him.

Spiral is the sort of series that provides characters with regular wardrobe changes to mark the passage of time. In Spiral, Hizumi has three major outfits that are marked by a few similarities. Hizumi owns two red jackets. The first is a red peacoat with a hood. Hizumi pairs it with a white shirt that ties up in front, green pants, and a brown newsboy cap. This outfit is worn by Hizumi when he joins Ayumu in visiting Madoka Narumi in the hospital after their initial meeting.

Hizumi's section outfit also features a red jacket. This jacket is a maroon waist length leather jacket. He pairs it with black jeans and a long sleeve cream colored top. Hizumi wears this outfit during his confrontation with Ayumu at what appears to be the Tokyo Tower, although it is never explicitly stated.

Hizumi also appears in the blue uniform from Ayumu's high school after he starts attending in order to become friends with Ayumu. This appears every few chapters and is worn most notably during his confrontation with Kanone Hilbert.