Hizumi at a glance

The characters in Spiral don't have official profiles, that being said, a scattering of information throughout the series provides a fairly accurate portrait of the basic information about these characters. All of this information is pulled directly from the manga with the exception of height and weight information which was derived from the height and weight charts created for the anime.

Name: Hizumi Mizushiro
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"/181 cm
Weight: 149 lbs/67.5 kg
Birthplace: Japan
Family: Mizushiro Yaiba (brother*; deceased) **
Hobbies: Basketball, Harmonica

* Yaiba is introduced as Hizumi's older brother, just as Kiyotaka is Ayumu's older brother. It is later realized that they are clones of their older "siblings", created by their family for sole purpose of being exploited.

** Technically the Blade Children would all be his nephews and nieces, or even according to his DNA his kids. It's pretty weird considering all of the Blade Children with the exception of Rio are older than him.